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Foshan long macro mechanical Electrical Equipment Co。,Ltd  Being located in a Chinese machine, electric appliances to make is the most flourishing-Guangdong follow virtuous, our company establishes over several years, have been insisting science and technology innovation, own strong technique real strenght, provide a high-quality product for the customer to win amplitude the development the space。The product sells domestic, Southeast Asia and the whole Africa。My company for long time, to the development, research, production, sale of high-quality diesel generator set, maintain a kimono duty, the product power of company professional production is from the 1-1000 kws and have the common type, automation and self-preservation protects, low noise, move a trailer etc。 high quality and high performance of generator set。In the generator profession, I the company industry scale and the amount of employees not just the industry raise Chu, but is absolutely the Jiao Jiao of the industry in managing prestige, professional technique and product quality, after-sales service and management。My company always carries through the high standard of product quality and strict request, beg existence with the quality, heavy the prestige beg the business enterprise principle of development to win market is once

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