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Wuxi 400KW with Lanzhou 550HP electronic speed control unit

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Brief introduction of Wuxi power diesel engine:
   Wuxi power engineering Limited by Share Ltd is a 70 years of history, the original Wuxi engine factory restructuring, engine core technology transformation of 135 series diesel engine, the application of advanced, formed its own characteristics and advantages. And the introduction of the British Hall Seth turbocharger technology, the 135 series of turbocharged diesel engine power, reliability, economic and other indicators have improved significantly, power 6 cylinder engine and 12 cylinder engine respectively 260 horsepower and 500 horsepower, a leading position in china. Production of 135 diesel engine series products have 4135, 6135, 12V135, etc., the power range of 40-400KW.

   Wuxi power diesel generator set series

ModelPower KVAPower KWEngine modelFrequency HzEngineOpen-sets
SpareCommonSpareCommonFuel consumption
NO Number of cylindersBore * stroke
Volume length * width * height

   Special statement: the technical data listed in the sample is for reference only. Our company reserves the right to modify technical parameters without notice to the customer.
   All units sold by the factory for the new machine, a fine of ten. Legal guarantee.
   All through my factory sales of generators can be free of artificial materials. Warranty period of one year or 1000 hours, don't call it a day when life costs, provide technical support for life. I plant for the sale of units to provide life-long maintenance services, if more than the maintenance period or the scope of the warranty, will be the lowest standard of service.
   For standby power station selection, selection, unit capacity of the power distribution equipment, construction standards, we will send technical personnel have many years of experience in the field, to give customers a clear advice and guidance, and make a feasible plan, agreement of quality cost details, such as acceptance criteria. To allow users to buy the rest assured that the use of worry.
   Installation guide for after sales unit. Unit site commissioning, training user operator, electrician normal use and service.
   I plant to ensure that the unit is delivered every two months after the use of mobile users, to examine the use of the unit, to assess the quality of the unit put forward the use of maintenance recommendations.
   Integrated customer processing system, through a strong database support and automatic generation of reports to accurately carry out product tracking, to provide the best after-sales service outlets and flexible distribution mechanism.
   In addition, all of our external contact can directly point to the follow-up services, the lifting of the user's worries.
   After the unit warranty expires, lifelong provide spare parts (not higher than the market price) and technical support.
   Three packet service time: 3 hours to reach the local area. At around 24 hours outside the port. Remote area 48 hours to reach.

Product purchase:Wuxi 400KW with Lanzhou 550HP electronic speed control unit

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