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Full automatic (ATS) generating set control cabinet

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Product description

City electricity / power generation automatic conversion cabinet:

1, four pole mechanical / electrical interlock switch;

2, city electricity, power generation, with load status indicator light;

3, automatic and manual selection switch;

4, the screen by pickling, phosphating and spray treatment;

5, set aside enough convenient input and output cable;

6, automatic switching time, no more than 7 seconds (adjustable)。

ATS series switch cabinet in emergency, standby, optional standby power applications, providing power supply of the city and city power supply and power generation unit monitoring, power generation unit start and load conversion。 ATS series conversion of the rated current of the switch is continuous and can be applied to all occasions the nameplate rating below。 The switch controller works reliably and is easy to understand, with LCD data and status display and operator control buttons。 All data and delay values of the controller can be adjusted on site without the use of service tools。

ATS switch cabinet for the conversion of two electric power

The quality of power supply ATS switch cabinet monitor two electricity (the controller can be set to three working modes: two road master, master, Master), a road or two main road is automatic recovery), when the main line or power supply quality can not meet the load requirements, control system will automatically switch to standby power supply load. When the main line is returned to normal, the control system automatically converts the load to the main power supply.

No master when (that is, since the vote no recovery), when a power failure or power quality can not meet the load requirements, the control system will automatically load conversion to two electricity supply, only when the two road, the city electricity power or power quality can not meet the load requirements, control system will load conversion an electric power supply. ATS switch cabinet for the conversion of city electricity and power unit ATS switch cabinet real-time power quality monitoring, when the city electricity power or power quality can not meet the load requirements, the control system of automatic start signal generator, and transferring the load to the generator set power supply. When the power is restored to normal, the control system automatically converts the load to the power supply, and the signal is sent to stop the generator set to enter the standby state. Mechanical and electrical double interlock configuration to prevent the power supply (1 or 2 of the city or municipal electricity and power generation unit) while the input load and control line short circuit.

Standard configuration: Zhengzhou Zhongzhi 6110K digital display controller (also optional 6120K automatic startup controller)

Optional configuration: Zhengzhou Zhongzhi 6110K remote control module

Trimaran series generator controller integrated digital, intelligent and network technology, for a single diesel generator automation and monitoring system, realize the generator of automatic start / stop, data measurement, alarm and protection function of "three remote". The controller uses large screen liquid crystal (LCD) display, Chinese and English optional interface operation, the operation is simple, the operation is reliable.

Performance and characteristics

1 microprocessor as the core, LCD screen with backlight, optional in English display, touch button operation;

2 accurate measurement and display function of diesel generator and electric electric parameters and water temperature, oil pressure, oil level monitoring etc.;

3 control protection function: to realize the automatic power on / off of diesel generator set, load switch and alarm protection function;

4 parameter setting function: allow users to change the parameters of the setting, while the memory in the internal FLASH memory, the system will not be lost when power off;

5 kinds of temperature, pressure, level sensor can be used directly, and can customize the parameters;

6 with real-time calendar, clock and run time cumulative function;

7 generating units cumulative output power display;

8 a variety of starting conditions for the success of choice;

9 built in speed / frequency detection, can accurately determine the success of the start, rated running, speeding status;

10 power supply range (VDC 835), can adapt to different starting battery voltage;

11 all parameters are digitally adjusted, and the simulation adjustment method of the conventional potentiometer is discarded, and the reliability and stability of the whole machine is improved;

12 modular structure design, plug and plug connection terminal, embedded installation, compact structure, convenient installation.

13HGM6310RM remote module and local module communication connection. Control and operation of the same. (remote module installation of customers to prepare their own installation)

1, every day before the boot check.

2, engine crankcase oil consumption.

3, cooling liquid: the radiator and the cooling device with no blocking phenomenon。

4, air filter is blocked。

5, every 50 hours.

6, the battery and the liquid level: the exclusion of leakage, leakage of fuel, oil leakage phenomenon.

7, every 250 - 300 hours: the replacement of engine oil, replace the oil filter and oil filter bypass, replacing fuel filter, fuel tank to discharge oil, tension belt.

8, check the radiator and air cooled core electric cooler is blocked, whether you need to clean and check the air pipe and hose joints should be no bad thing new and tighten the clamp, check by the oil back into the oil should be no leakage。

9, every 1200 hours, please professionals to check and adjust the valve clearance in the engine and check under cold state before the adjustment, every 2400 hours, please professional disassembly and inspection adjustment injector, inspection by a professional turbocharger working state, and a routine check of engine and generator parts, each of the 6 month, year, replacing the coolant filter, cleaning cooler, replacing the coolant。

The new machine provides inspection and debugging service (province free)

The general operation and daily maintenance of on-site training

Product purchase:Full automatic (ATS) generating set control cabinet

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