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5KW diesel generator set LH6700T

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Foshan Longhong Electromechanical Equipment Co。, Ltd。 Mainly manufactures and sells generators, generators, diesel generators, diesel generators power 3KW-1600KW, automatic generator sets 10-1000KW, quiet generator 10-1000KW, mobile power generating units 10 -500KW, 10-600KW car-based generator sets and a variety of imported series, a special series of diesel generating units / power station。 Cummins, YUCHAI, VOLVO, DAEWOO, PERKINS, DEUTZ, STEYR, Shangchai Power, Wuxi Power, Shanghai Lanzhou Electric, STAMFORD Stanford, LEROY SOMER Lilaisenma, MARATHON Marathon (Shanghai) Co。, Ltd。, Shanghai Ocean Power Technology Co。, Ltd。, , ENGE British grid, such as Thailand and other generators。

Foshan Longhong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the rolling technology introduction and self-development strategy, gradually developed in the product development, passed the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification in the industry, the product quality improved continuously, the market share gradually expanded, Strength continues to increase.

  FOSHAN LONGHONG GENERATOR)GFS eries of silent (low noise) diesel generators, LONGHONG "Long Hong enterprise card" "Xin million Di brand" quiet box is my factory digestion and absorption of foreign brand mute (low noise) cabinet advanced technology and design their own development of new products. Developed by our factory with contemporary international level of synchronous generators and domestic and foreign brands known diesel engine coaxial connection, and has been put on the market.

 Silent generators are widely used in real estate, hotels, factories, post and telecommunications, hotels, entertainment venues, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial and mining enterprises, living areas and other places on the environmental noise requirements as a common or standby power。

 GFS series diesel generator silent box structure: 


* Small size, light weight, compact structure, novel and beautiful appearance;

* Soundproof hood is beautiful in shape, easy to dismantle and install, easy to operate.

* Multi-layer shielded impedance mismatch soundproof cover;

* Efficient noise reduction multi-channel intake and exhaust, into the exhaust channel, to ensure adequate power unit performance. In this case,

* Good ventilation system and thermal radiation measures to ensure that the unit is always working in the appropriate ambient temperature;
 * Dedicated noise reduction muffler material used to a great extent to suppress mechanical noise;
 * Efficient shock absorption measures to ensure the smooth operation of diesel generating units;
 * Muffler shell proper position dedicated observation window and emergency stop button to facilitate the use of operation and observation unit operating state;
 * Automatic voltage regulator, excellent performance, reliable operation;

* Large capacity fuel tank, for continuous load operation 10 hours;

* Noise reduced to 68dB (a) ~ 75dB (a) between the (measured from the sound source 7m);

* Special fast opening cover, easy maintenance.

* Silent diesel generators direct combustion chamber combustion efficiency, low noise。

This silent diesel generating set has powerful function of lowering the bath and sound. It is widely used in many industries such as hospitals, schools and so on. It adopts the integrated design and totally independent configuration, which can meet the requirement of electricity in any situation.

GFS series diesel generator silent box performance:

* Noise (7m from the unit): ≤ 68dB (A)

* Steady-state voltage regulation: ≤ ± 1%

* Transient voltage regulation: +20%; - 15%

* Steady-state frequency adjustment: ≤ 5%

* Transient frequency adjustment: ≤ ± 10%

* No-load voltage setting range: ≥ (96-105)% Un

GFS series diesel generator silent box Technical parameters:

* Rated voltage: 230V (can also be customized to use the voltage in different countries)

* Rated speed: 3000r / min / 3600r / min

* Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60HZ

* Rated power factor: 0。8 (hysteresis)

* Fuel tank capacity: for continuous operation of the unit 10 hours


LH6700T air cooled silent diesel generating sets

product brand


Product number




Rotating speed(rpm/min


DC output(V.A


Rated voltage(V


rated power(KW


Maximum power(KW


Rated current(A


Power Factor(Φ




Excitation mode

Brush AVR / Brushless Capacitor

Types of


Fuel consumption(g/kw.h


Fuel tank capacity(L


Continuous running time(hr)(rated power)


noise([email protected])(Zero load to full load)


Start mode

Electric start

Fuel type

0 # (summer), - 10 # (winter), - 35 # (arctic) diesel oil

Type of lubricant


Power model


Power type

Single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, in-line, diesel engine

Bore x stroke(mm




Compression ratio


Optional (additional cost)

ATS automatic control

Remote control





1> rated power

The unit is allowed to run for more than 1 hour at a load of 10% above this value every 12 hours under this load.
 2> Standby power

The unit can not exceed this maximum load under varying loads. .
 3> voltage fluctuation rate

Under the following conditions the voltage fluctuation rate is below 0.5% power factor between 0.8 to 1.0; from no-load to full load, in any stable load condition unit operation; speed change below 4.5%.
 4> frequency / speed fluctuation rate

From no load to full load, the frequency / speed falls within the following range: ≤ 5% From 25% load to full load, the frequency / speed fluctuation is below 0.25% under any stable load condition.
 5> use of environmental conditions

Elevation: ≤ 2000m Ambient temperature: -12 ℃ xT≤40 ℃ Humidity: ≤ 60% Site tilt: ≤ 30º

After the unit load test, dynamic testing and a variety of protection and alarm performance testing, in line with GB2820-90 standard requirements, the unit warranty period: one year or 1000 hours (whichever comes first), see the manufacturer random warranty card .

1, Warranty Services: All machinery manufacturing defects caused by mechanical failure are three packs of services。

2, three bags of service period: 12 months of product manufactured; product debugging year; the actual cumulative use of 1000 hours, subject to the expiration date。 Three Guarantees period, I will be the Secretary for the user to track paid services for life。

3, man-made damage to the improper operation is not free three packs period.

Solemnly declare:

Overall size and weight of the unit to prevail in kind (picture for the same brand products instead)。

A The data in the table are for reference only;
 B The original manufacturer or the company need to change the above information without prior notice.
 C. Above specifications are 50HZ, 3000r / min, 400V, power factor 0.8, three-phase four-wire system; for 60HZ or other requirements, in consultation with the company to provide additional parameters;

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